Updated: 9/21/2020

Dear HealthSpring Fitness Member:

As the pace at which COVID–19 is spreading has slowed in California and reached a plateau in Solano County, some commercial fitness centers are reopening with strict limits on how they operate (such as outdoor–only services) and how many customers can use the facilities at one time. However, we are confident keeping HealthSpring closed through the end of 2020 is most prudent.

We will continually monitor the status of COVID–19. We see a time coming when we can safely re–open and are using this time to determine how to operate the facility safely and to bring on new management for the medical fitness center.

We plan to reopen in 2021 when we are convinced we can provide a safe environment for every member — especially those with medical conditions who comprise a significant segment of our membership.

A great many of you preferred to freeze your memberships and we hear many of you look forward to HealthSpring's reopening — so do we. Thank you for your trust.

We hope all of our valued members will choose to return to HealthSpring Fitness. Thank you again for your membership.

We also look forward to the day when this pandemic allows us to return to our "normal" way of life, including exercise, fitness and taking the best care of ourselves.

Please do not hesitate to reach us at:


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Scott M. Davis
Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, NorthBay Healthcare
President, NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness