A woman receiving personal fitness coaching from a fitness specialist.

Fitness Coaching

Whether you're interested in training once a month to multiple times a week, our fitness coaches create a customized experience based on your current abilities, health history and condition. We look at the way you move and help build safe, pain-free movement patterns first; only then applying weight, repetition or speed in order to meet your weight loss, health, strength, cardio and performance goals.

We deliver a truly human experience. By focusing on mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery, we address the mind and body so you can feel better at home, work and play.

Our team of fitness coaches hold advanced degrees and nationally recognized certifications. They are thoroughly screened for their expertise, effectiveness and personality. 

If you're interested in training, sign up for one of our program consultations at no charge to our members. This appointment will address what coaching will look like for you specifically, considering your movement and training experience, health history and what kind of upgrades you're looking to achieve.  This appointment is designed for an individual but can accommodate a couple or 2 individuals/family members.


For More Information:

For more information on our fitness coaching packages, please contact Mike Cole by email at Julie.Cassara@NorthBay.org, or by calling (707)624-8080