Weight Loss

Meet Tiffani DeTar

Tiffani DeTar was one of the winners of our Share your Story Contest in 2018. Watch her video above and read her HealthSpring story below:

I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be a certain size. I wanted my old clothes to fit. That's why I joined, no RE-joined (since this was at least my fourth gym membership of my adult life), HealthSpring Fitness in April of 2017. I started slowly, coming to a class here or there, walking the indoor track, riding a bike with my husband, and maybe even doing a machine or two. The weight didn't really move with this mild exercise and I figured this would just be another gym phase and soon I'd come to realize I was paying for a membership I didn't use.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017- I hadn't given up and somehow I had found a groove. Was it the amazing barre class with Miss Ashley every Wednesday? Yes indeed. Was it the Kids' Club team who knew each of my kiddos by name every time we walked in? It certainly was. Was it Saturday Zumba and swim classes each week? You betcha! And most importantly, was it my new goals of feeling stronger, being happier, and living healthier that encouraged me to come back every single day? It was all of this and more!

At some point during the summer, I realized I needed to change my life style and the only way I could do it was to change my whole perspective. I realized that exercise alone was great but wasn't going to cut it now that I was 35. I found an amazing food program targeting my specific macro goals, and more importantly, shifting my mindset on how and what I need to eat to fill full and fuel my body. I paired diet AND exercise in November of 2017 and I haven't looked back. I am amazed at how I feel- confident, comfortable in my own skin, strong enough to handle what the day throws at me. I enjoy eating, even if it doesn't quite fit my macros, because I know I have a new path and if I deviate a little, I can easily find my way back. I exercise now because I love to see what my body is capable of and I love the balanced healthy lifestyle I am modeling for my boys. Thank you HealthSpring Fitness for being an integral part of my fitness journey.