Weight Loss

Meet Soliat Adekanye

Soliat Adekanye was one of the winners of our Share your Story Contest in 2018. Watch her video above and read her HealthSpring story below:

I found success with all of Sheila's classes (TRX,Aqua Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Hiit). I joined the gym 26th Mar 2018. When I joined I weighed 210lbs - as of today (July 6, 2018), I weigh 182 lbs. I don't only get exercise when I come here, but also relationships. I feel I am part of a family. The staff are also friendly. Front desk ladies always smiling when they welcome. Kid's club ladies are extraordinary, my son constantly reminds me about Kids Club, he loves coming every time. I was initially worried about leaving him, but now I am so confident. My experience here has been a blessing. I love the facility. Sheila's attitude towards the group is extraordinary. I'm motivated to come to all my classes, because she makes me feel comfortable and I definitely see results. My reason for coming here has been achieved and I will keep coming.