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Rectangle that is bright blue on the left and white on the right. White text on the blue side reads: Reg. Fee 50% off, with an image of two people on the right side, or 100% off, with the image of 3 or more people on the right side.

The more friends who join with you, the more you save.

Friends make everything better.

Bringing a familiar face to a new fitness center is a great way to help with some of the most important steps to sticking with a new plan: Consistency and Fun. Bringing in your own support system doesn't hurt, either.

Until the end of December, you can:

  1. Join with one friend: And both of you will get 50% off your registration fees; or

  2. Join with two or more friends: And everyone will get 100% off their registration fees.


Please feel free to call us at (707) 301-4076 or email us at